CBD Nano Infusion and Facials

Cannabinoid Receptors & Endocannabinoids

Did you know:

 The skin has an Endocannabinoid system of its own to help regulate the production of various hormones and proteins including cytokines. Which are also involved in the immune response in the skin. 

- Human tissue has at least 2 types of Cannabinoid receptors- CB1 and CB2

- CB2 are mostly found in the immune cells where they release CYTOKINES.

-CB1 has a unique signaling in the skin receptors that is important in implications in the epidermal for skin development.

Manipulation of the Endocannabinoid system can regulate the life cycle of the basal cell giving the skin a more radiant and youthful appearance.

CBD Nano Infusion 

CBD Nano Infusion Technology was created to drive the CBD into the upper layers of the skin. By using this technology you skin is able to revive all the benefits CBD has to offer to the skin.  

Why is CBD so effective in the skin?

We use a specific 3000 MG pure CBD Infusion along with added specific plant terpenes added into the oil to enhance your skin results. You will notice your skin looking younger do to it’s moisturizing properties. CBD protects the skin from free radicals, like UV rays, smoke, and environmental pollutiants, all of which are critical in fighting the effects of aging. This treatment also helps to calm acne do to its anti inflammatory properties along with its anti microbial, antibacteria, and antifungal properties. To help inhibit the growth of bacteria, treat infections and prevent the cell membranes of fungi from forming properly causing fungal death. 

CBD oil  is an antioxidant and is High in omega 3 & 6 which is essential to hydrating dehydrated dull skin. CBD also contains Vitamin A, B,C, D, and E. CBD provides the skin with healthy fatty acids, which are often found to be lacking in people with acne. In addition Hemp molecules are extremely small which penetrate the skin better than any cream. 

When CBD oil is nano infusion into the skin we are allowing the skin to absorb the product with no downtime or pain involved.

CBD Nano Infusion / Facial Treatments

CBD Infusion (basic) $95

Double cleanse

Relax (product) neck rub

***Exfoliating mask

Nano infusion/ 3000 mg CBD /Skinfood

SPF if needed

*20% off a package of 3 ($228) $76 each

CBD infusion ( premium) $125

Double cleanse 

Relax (product)neck rub

***Dermal resurfacing (dermaplaning) reg $125 each 

Nano infusion /3000 mg CBD/Skinfood 


SPF if needed

*20% off a package of 3 ($300) $100each 

CBD infusion ( deluxe) $150

Double cleanse 

Relax (product) neck rub

*****Chemical peel (reg.$125+)

Nano infusion /3000 mg CBD/Skinfood

Hi frequency 

Micro current


SPF if needed 

*20% off a package of 3 ($360) $120 each


CBD Facial ($50) 

30 min


(Relax Product) Neck massage

Exfoliating enzyme mask w/ steam

CBD oil face massage w/ cupping



*20% off a package of 3 ($120) $40 each

CBD Facial ($ 100)

60 min

Double Cleanse

(Relax Product) Neck Massage

Exfoliating enzyme mask w/ steam 

Extractions if needed

CBD oil face massage w/ cupping 

Hi Frequency 


Global cryo therapy facial massage 


*20 % off a package of 3 ($240) $80 each

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